Scott Grant rides cymbol teaching a drum lesson.Scott believes that the only way to get the most out of drumming is to give back to the next generation of players. So when he is not serving as the musical backbone to a host of artists, he maintains a full roster of drum students. An educator for over 20 years, Scott’s commitment to teaching drum lessons was made manifest in 2006 with the opening of The Modern Drum Room, a sophisticated teaching and recording facility in Kelowna, B.C.

Scott brings a deep understanding of theory and musicianship to his teaching practice. In addition to giving students a broad foundation in the basics and mechanics of drumming, Scott also works to develop students’ ability to play musically and for the song. Additionally, he shares his deep understanding of rock, latin, jazz and blues styles of drumming, to help students grow as players.

Scott holds two music degrees—an honors diploma from the famed Percussion Institute of Technology (PIT) in Los Angeles and another from Humber College in Toronto. Scott also studied privately with drum gurus Jim Blackley, Steve Houghton, Ralph Humphries, Jeff Porcaro, Paul Delong, Roger Flock, Barry Elmes, Rick Lazar, Memo Acevedo, Chris Adams, co-author of The New Breed II and Bob Moses, author of the noted drum instructional, Drum Wisdom.