Scott Grant Biography

Early Years

Jerry MercerRaised in the idyllic town of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, Scott Grant began drumming at the tender age of 14. His love for drums was cemented after seeing Jerry Mercer of April Wine play during The Nature of the Beast Tour. Scott traded in his saxophone for a pair of drumsticks and never looked back.

A Passion for Perfection

Humber College DaysScott made the most of his primary school music studies, playing in the school orchestra and countless junior and high school rock bands. After living vicariously through the rock and blues bands of the day, Scott decided to take his musical aspirations higher, asking his parents for private drum instruction. His wish was granted in 1981, when he began studying with renowned Canadian drummer/percussionist Trevor Salloum. Then, as he grew even more serious about music, Scott enrolled in Toronto’s Humber College, where he began studying privately with master drummer Jim Blackley

Practice, Practice, Practice

Jim BlackleyUnder Blackley’s tutelage, Scott began developing his musical aptitude and signature drumming style. He absorbed and polished drumming fundamentals and embraced a selfless approach to musical artistry that has served him well in his drumming career. “I was incredibly fortunate to study with Jim for four years… to this day, the thing I remember most was that not once did Jim ever "show me " anything by way of demonstration. But he sure did paint big pictures and dispense great wisdom and perspective. He would say one thing and it would completely undo me and change my whole approach to some aspect of my playing. I am a student of Jim’s for life.”

Thanks to his years with Jim and additional studies with other drumming legends, Scott is now passing the torch to a new generation of players through his Modern Drum Room studio.