Drum Lessons

TMDR Student DrumkitHow Much Do Drum Lessons Cost?

Drum Lessons cost $25.00 for a half an hour or $40 per hour. 

Is it necessary to have a drumset to start taking Drum Lessons?

No, it is not necessary to have a drumset to start drum lessons.  We can start the potential drummer off learning hand technique and rhythm reading. That being said, it is my experience that a child wishing to learn drumset is usually discouraged by just playing the drum pad and has a tendancy to drop drumming.

Note: We have a drumset here at The Modern Drum Room to take their lessons on.

What does one need to bring to Drum Lessons?

The Drum Student should bring the following to their Drum Lessons:

  1. Drum Sticks
  2. A Memory Stick - so I can give the student music that coincides with the drum lesson
  3. A three ringed binder with lined paper
  4. A Positive Attitude and a willingness to work hard